From: Sheri Fisher 

Dear Dog Lover,
y name is Sheri Fisher and I’ve been a dog lover for my entire life. I cannot imagine not having a dog in my life. I started making specialty dog treats for my dog, Madison, when he came home with me years ago, and I want to share what I have learned with you.

With my dog lovers homemade treat hobby, I've made and tested hundreds of recipes over the years. And I even collected the favorite dog treat recipes from many other dog owners- who have almost every dog breed you can image!

I compiled and tested recipes for dog treats in all shapes, and sizes with many different ingredients, all easily made at home.  I even tested on dogs that were finicky eaters with great results.

I have tested hundreds of dog treat recipes with Madison and many of his dog friends too!

Their owners found these dog treat recipes to be inexpensive to make (compared to store-bought dog treats) and even better for their dogs, since they know the ingredients that went into making them.

It's reassuring to know your dog's treats are healthy, home-made and NOT full of harmful preservatives and chemicals like the store-bought kind.

Madison is a little fussy, so any dog treat recipe that did not meet his taste standards went in the trash can! That includes the ones I tested on his dog friends too!

"Dog Treats - The HomeMade Kind,
are right here... just waiting for you to make for your dog”...

One day a dog lover friend of mine suggested that I create a recipe book of all her favorite dog treat recipes to give to a friend of hers that was getting a new dog. I thought, wow, that is a great idea, and I'll bet there are other dog owners that truly love (and maybe spoil a little) their dogs who would love a dog treats recipe book too!

 So just for you and your favorite pet, I have compiled over 115 dog treat recipes, that are easy to make, and are guaranteed to become favorites of your dog... from dog treats, to dog cookies and even cakes too!

Many of these dog treat recipes are so new, that no one has even heard about them!

So today, I wanted to share these amazing new recipes with you. These ebooks, "Treat Your Dog Right - The Best Homemade Treats, Cookies and Cakes For Your Dog (with 65 Recipes) and the "FREE Bonus - Dog Treat Recipes" eBook with over 50 MORE Recipes, covers everything you need to know to create tasty dog treats, from cookies, to cakes and almost any treat you can imagine for your pampered dog, right in your home.

"Dog Treats - You Can Feel Good About Giving To Your Dog too...”

Imagine, not having to waste money on buying the expensive dog treats that end up being hard and stale that your dog won't even eat!

Money is tight and buying specialty dog treats at the pet store in order to get the expensive, fresh ones that your dog will eat is just not in your budget anymore.

So now is the time to start making your own home-made dog treats!

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Save money and give you dog the highest quality dog treats, that only you can make, and they will certainly be fresh -- especially when they come right out of your own oven! 

"I've tested these recipes on dogs, of every breed and taste bud imaginable..."

Dog Owners Agree: 

I sent these dog treats recipe ebooks out for FREE to hundreds of discriminating dog owners that love their dogs in order to have them review and test the recipes.

The reason I sent the ebooks for FREE was to receive comments and testimonials to make sure that the dog treat recipes I included were only the very best.

After months of testing the recipes, and listening to comments from dog owners, I compiled only the very best top 50 dog treat recipes for you and your dog to enjoy!

"See What These Very Happy Dog Owners Have To Say About - -
The Best Homemade Dog Treat
Recipes Books!"

"I love my dogs more than anyone can ever imagine.  These recipes in the book are wonderful ."

"Sheri, Thank you for putting all these recipes together with such loving concern.  I especially love the section on Special Occasions.  I would never have thought of some of these great reasons to make treats for Lexie and Zoe

                                               Laurie Hall, Rat Terrier Enthusiast


"I looked all over the web, and there are recipes in the book you can't find anywhere else."

"Hi, thank you for making these dog treat books! I have a lab who is the love of my life and I know I spoil him.

I felt sad since I can't afford to buy the dog treats at the pet shop anymore. Money is tight these days, and your dog treat recipes are so easy to make and they are really saving me money!"

                                               Chad O', Lab Lover


"Save $$ Money - You Can Easily Make Your Dog's Treats Right at Home!"

"Treat Your Dog Right - The Best Homemade Treats, Cookies and Cakes
For Your Dog!"

product image

Your dog deserves the best, right?

Nothing makes a dog lover happier than seeing the grin on their dog's face as they look with adoring eyes at you while you hold their favorite treat in your hand...

You can get that warm feeling each time you reach in the your pet's treat jar and pull out another homemade dog treat created with tender loving care by you!

Save money and stop throwing away dog treats your dog will look at, sniff and not even eat!

A dog is a dog, and they can be finicky sometimes, and you are just wasting your money if there are boxes of old dog treats around that you bought and paid good money for but your dog turns his or her nose up at!

Save Money on Expensive Store-Bought Treats

Stop Wasting Money on Inexpensive Treats Your Dog Won't
     Even Eat

Feel Good About Feeding Your Dog Healthy Treats

Stop Giving Your Dog Store-Bought Treats With Harmful
     Preservatives, Chemicals, Colored Dyes and stuff you cannot  
     even pronoune!

Feel Really Good - When Your Dog Gives You That Special Smile That Tells You -- (and he or she starts to drool...) When You Open That Oven Door and The Smell of Homemade Dog Treats Makes Your Dog Come A-Running!


Get the Best Dog Treats Recipes eBooks You can Buy...

Your Dog Deserves it!

Your Dog Will Love These Treats!

Show You Really Love Your Dog!

Your Dog is Worth it!

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"You Can Make Special Day Treats and  Birthday Cakes for Your Dog!"

Your dog is more than just a dog.

Sometimes you feel your dog is almost human, right?

You can show him how much he means to you by making his favorite treats or baking him his very own cake.

Try it and see how much fun it is! The great thing about making treats and cakes for dogs and including them at your own events is how much joy it also brings to you and the other people in your dog’s life.

When you celebrate with your dog it seems to make everyone happy! Making a cake for your dog always makes people smile and smiling is good for everyone.

Spread a little happiness and try baking for your dog.  It is easy and fun too!

Making a cake for your dog can be as simple as adapting one of your own cakes and making a few ingredient substitutions. You can make delicious, healthy treats for your dog very easily, some of them in just 10-15 minutes.

Bake Your Dog a Birthday Cake

Make Special Treats for Special Occasions

Dog Treats for Every Holiday including Christmas!

Make Special Dog Treats for Other Dog Lovers Dogs too!

Isn't Your Dog Worth 10 to 15 Minutes of Your Time for a Home-Made Special Treat?


Dog treats, the expensive ones seemed to be the only ones that my dog Madison would want to eat...he used to look at me with those big ole brown eyes and walk away when I would give him the cheap ones...

But my budget could not afford to buy the expensive ones from the pet store, and Madison is a BIG DOG, and he so loved his treats, that buying the ones he liked was almost sending me to the poor house. That is what got me started on making my own home-made dog treats, and am I glad I did!

"Easy Dog Treat Recipes that
Only Take a Few Minutes to Make!"


"I really appreciate how easy the dog treat
recipes are to make."

"Walter and I love your book.  We look forward to trying every recipe before we are done, and we will let you know which ones are our favorites."
                                                     Thank you,
                                                      Pam Pollord, Reno, NV


"Saving money is great!"

The economy is tough right now, and buying canned dog food is getting harder on my budget. The money just doesn't go around like it used to. So when I found your website and looked at the price of the dog treats recipes, I figured that with the guarantee I didn't have anything to lose. So I bought it.

Now I can making dog treats on the side and selling them to friends for their dogs. They don't have time to make them and their dogs love my treats more than the expensive store-bought kind!
                                                      Thank you so much!
                                                       Ann Miller, Troy, Michigan

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You may be wondering, with so many commercial dog treats and dog cookies on the market today why anyone would go to the trouble of making dog food treats at home for their dog?

The real question you should ask is why wouldn’t you make dog treats for your dog?

There are so many easy dog treats you can make, and so many dog cookie recipes, you can whip up great-tasting and nutritious homemade dog treats with just a little effort. Your dog will love it when you make treats for him.

It’s not only fun to do but most dog cookie recipes are also easy, quick to make and really healthy for your dog.

Homemade dog treats is definitely the way to go!

Getting started is very easy. All you need is: access to a kitchen, a good dog treats recipe, and some basic ingredients you can get at any supermarket.

Most dogs love all kinds of special treats that you make for them, so it shouldn’t be hard to choose one that your dog will like. Does your dog have a special fondness for peanut butter? It’s easy to make a peanut butter dog treat. Maybe he likes liver or cheese? Again, it’s easy to find dog treat recipes with these ingredients and you are just moments away from having the very best dog treat recipes, right here.

We all know how expensive the really good dog treats are that your dog craves, so in order to get you to see the super value of the "Treat Your Dog Right - The Best Homemade Treats, Cookies and Cakes For Your Dog, I'm going to include as a FREE Gift  - The Dog Treat Recipes ebook with over 50 Recipes!

As A Special Bonus... I'll Also Include...The Dog Lovers Favorites -
Dog Treats Recipes Ebook with
Over 50 More Dog Treat Recipes!

You will be amazed at the variety of dog treats, cookies and cake recipes you'll receive! Dog treat recipes from:  Bacon Bits to Bagels, and from Peanut Butter Yogurt to Brownie Treats!


"The Dog Treat Recipes ebook with over 50  Recipes Your Dog Will Love!"


You'll want to try them all!

Your dog will want to be by your side as you mix up a new batch of their favorite treats...

Funny how they know when you are mixing the ingredients together that it is THEIR SPECIAL Treat you are making!


You will have over 50 Dog Treat Recipes from...

Bacon to Biscuits: Cheesy Doggie Biscuits, Bacon Bites, to Bonanza Dog Biscuits

Bread Machine Dog Biscuits - Make Your Dog Biscuits with Your Bread Machine!

Trail Dog Grub to Tasty Training Treats

Vegetarian Dog Biscuits: Vegetable Treats - For a Healthy Dog

Beef to Chicken and even Liver and Salmon: Beef Twists, Bull Dog Brownies, Chicken Flavored Dog Biscuits to Homemade Liver and Salmon Delights

From Soup to Stews and even Party Mix, you'll sure to find several treat recipes your pet will love!

Special Diet Treats for Dogs That May Need Custom Ingredients Due to Diet Restrictions are included too!


For Dog That Have Special Dietary Needs...

When you’re making treats and cakes for your dog you can look for some healthy ingredients. Buy low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat cream cheese for icing. Buy organic peanut butter if possible. It has fewer trans fats than regular peanut butter and it’s healthier for your dog. Make the same smart shopping choices for your dog that you make for yourself.

Some dogs have special dietary needs. You may have a dog with allergies, for instance. In that case it’s important to know exactly what your dog is allergic to, especially if he has a food allergy.

You’ll want to make sure that you don’t use anything in his treats that could cause a reaction. Some dogs can be allergic to chicken or lamb or beef. If that’s true for your dog then you’ll need to look for more
“exotic” protein sources.

There are also dogs that are allergic to grains and starches. If a recipe calls for wheat flour (as many recipes for treats do) then you can try substituting some other kind of flour. Amaranth flour, rice flour,
millet flour, quinoa flour, chick pea flour, almond flour, etc, are all possibilities. This and more is covered in the
"Treat Your Dog Right - The Best Homemade Treats, Cookies and Cakes For Your Dog."

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FREE Gift  - The Dog Treat Recipes ebook with over 50 Extra Recipes, but only if you order right now!

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"Get Your Own Dog Treats Recipes for Less than the Cost of 4 Boxes of those Expensive Dog Treats!"

You'll get over 115 dog treat recipes and over 100 pages of dog treats, cookies and cakes!

For just $8.97, you can be enjoying the thrill of making homemade dog treats for your pet, and you'll be on the receiving end of your dog's loving looks and wagging tail.

Your "No- Risk Guarantee!"


You also get my "100% No Hassle - Money Back Guarantee"

"My Rock Solid 100% Money Back Guarantee!"

"I'm so confident you will love the "Treat Your Dog Right - The Best Homemade Treats, Cookies and Cakes For Your Dog and the FREE Bonus - Dog Treat Recipes ebook with over 50 Recipes. that I am offering a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

"If you are not satisfied for any reason you get your money back and the book and fast action bonus are yours to keep! That's right if you're not satisfied, you get your money back, and you keep the book and we still part as friends."

90 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

"And there’s no risk to you because if you are not completely satisfied in every way, just ask me and I’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked and will be cheerfully refunded. We want you happy with your purchase and so we guarantee it."

Take it from the testimonials of people who have used the dog treat ebooks, and you will know that these dog treat ebooks are the best on the web! I will say with 100% confidence that you will discover more dog treat recipes than you ever knew existed!

Your Dog Will Love These Treats!

Individually these two ebooks sell for $17 each, and to be honest with you, if you bought them at that price it would still be a bargain. I mean how much is $34, maybe just the office call to the Vets? But... because I believe that your dog NEEDS these recipes I want to twist your arm and convince you that you would be crazy not to grab them right now!

I am so excited to share these recipes, I'm going to knock
another $25 off the price.

So for just $8.97 you can get Over 115 Gourmet Dog Recipes!

You get access to these 2 'Dog Treats Recipe ebooks' immediately. No need to wait 3 - 6 weeks before you get started. No need to listen for the Postman for the delivery. You can start cooking those lip smackin' treats your dog will love you even more for -- starting right now!

Your Dog Will Love These Treats!


Show You Really Love Your Dog!

Not $33.97 - Only $8.97
YOU Save $25!

Yes, Sheri! I cannot wait to get started preparing these treats for my favorite friend.... my dog is worth it!

Here's to loving our dogs,

Sheri Fisher

P.S. Show your dog you really care, with homemade treats, they'll love.

P.P.S. No risk to you, 100% money-back guarantee, you'll love the Dog Treat ebooks or I'll buy them back, no questions asked.

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Yes, Sheri! I cannot wait to get started preparing these treats for my favorite friend.... my dog is worth it!

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